Rough gemstone for sale

Up Date New Gem Rough Spessartite Garnet

spessartite Garnet rough gem material 002
spessartite Garnet rough gem material 002
Rough Garnet SpessartiteFrom Madagascar in crystal point form


If cItem: Garspessrgh16.53mm254G
Material: Garnet
Color: Orange to brown
Type: Spessartite
Locality: Madagascar
Hardness: 7,0 good for almost any jewelry application
Design: by
Cut By:
Dimensions: 10.53 mm x 16.15 mm 8.23deep
Clarity: loop clean to included
Weight: 1270.0 carats
Price: $1270.00 ($1 per ct)
Treatments: Unknown
With this parcel I wanted to say that it is a good parcel what it is, is mine run it has all kinds of gemstone in it. like internaly flawless to facet grade to included cabochon grade garnet in as well. it is a good cutting parcel it will serve in all types of cutting. for the price you can not go wrong.