In side Koala-t cut gems, Rough gemstone for sale

Rough Apatite Gemstone From Madagascar

apatite gemstone rough parcil koala-t cut gems
apatite gemstone rough parcil koala-t cut gems
Item: apatitemad8.6mm309G
Material: Apatite
Color: blue green
Type: apatite
Locality: Madagascar
Hardness: 6.0 good for almost any jewelry application
Design: by
Cut By: Chris Byron
Dimensions: 8.60 mm x 6.75 mm 5.32 deep
Clarity: IF to I
Weight: 1545 carats
Price: $3862.00 ($2.50 per ct)
Treatments: Unknown
Note: This gem rough material is very nice, I have been keeping it off the market for some time, but Well, I still need to pay the bills. This material is clean and will cut 80% IF stones and if you cab it will cut all the parcel the size is in the small range but good cuttable stones in all.