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Koala-T Cut gems faceted, cabochon, rough gem material.
Christopher Byron I am a lapidary and rough gem material handler. The services I offer are, cutting loose gemstones faceted, cabochon, inlaid stone in gold jewelry, as well as single stone rough material. The lapidary services that I offer are custom faceted, carved cabochons stones, in high end custom designs with convex and concave fancy styles, fantasy designs. We feature calibrated sizes in all of the fancy made stones we produce. I have exhibitions in Tucson Arizona with custom stone cutting, and colored stone repair. I have worked for many jewelers in my time, some of those jewelers, “work references” are feachered on this web site. Offering custom gemstone designs and antique stone jewelry repair. Please look my site over as there many genuine works of art and in genuine stone.

Company Charter

Our material is hand selected material, it is not run of the mill goods. I myself take much time and effort in bringing you a precious material in
color, and in type that can not be had anywhere else.
What you see on our site has taken many years of collecting, so you can have a piece of stone that is not common and is unique. This material is not easily replaced.
I am offering hand selected uncommon collectable rare cut stones in custom cut, faceted and cabochon designs.
Please keep this in mind as you look this site over, this is genuine material.

We cater to the needs of customers.
In our quest to provide our customer with a better piece of material periodically we come across a piece of gemstone that stands out in size color, or type. For this reason we have the created the stone of the month.
Big bodacious, large and in charge.

Martian Trinity Trebute cut citrine for Jeff Graham cut by chris Byron of koala-t cuit gems
The Uruguayan Extra color Citrine oval shape check top cut stone by Chris Byron.
We are offering this beautiful Uruguayan extra color Citrine oval Shape custom make in a Graham design.
The size of it is big 20.50 cts 22.12mm x 17.53mm x 12.34mm deep. A huge hunk of custom Uruguayan Extra Color citrine. Be the first and the last to buy this. It is a one of a kind work. $28.00 per ct $618.36 takes the stone.

Company Name. Koala-t cut gems
CEO, Business Owner. Christopher Byron
Phone number. 520-887-7299
Fax number
Address. 5621 North La Cholla suite B
City. Tucson
State. Arizona
ZIP code. 85741
Country. United States Of America
E-mail address

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