About gemstones Faceted Cabochon Rough Gem Material By Koala-T Cut Gems

Hi from chris byron of koala-t cut gems

Hi from chris byron of koala-t cut gems

I would like to take sometime and introduce my self. I am Chris Byron I am a lapidary and offer lapidary Services, cut loose gemstones, faceted, Cabochon and precious, rough gem material. The lapidary Services that I offer are custom faceted and cabochon designs in inconvex, concave and inlaid work in calabrated sizes. I have had exabition in Tucson Az with custom stone designs, and colored stone repair. I have worked for many jewelers in my time offering custom cut stones and Antique gemstone Jewelery repair. Please look my site over as there many genuine works of art and in Genuine Stone.
Company Charter
Our material is hand selected it is not run of the mill goods. I my self take much time and effort in bring a precious material
to you, in quality, color, and in type that can not be had any were else. What you see on our site has taken many
years of collecting, so you can have a pice of stone that is not comman and is unique. This material is not easly replaced. I am offering uncomman collectable stones in rare custom cut gems.
Please keep this in mind as you look this site over this is
genuine Material .



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