Rough gemstone for sale

Offering Of Rough Gem Material

Gems have intrigued humans for at least 10,000 years. The first known used for making jewelry, include crystals. These stones were reserveds for the wealthy, and served as status symbols. Rulers sealed documents with there jewel-encrusted seals. Such treasures can now be admired at many museums and treasure-valts. Today gems are worn not so much to demonstrate wealth, but rather jewelry is bough increasingly for pleasure, in appreciation of it’s beauty. Certainly, also today, when purchasing a gemstone, a certain love for a special stone is part of it. Formerly, when people were less scientifically knowledgeable, gems always had an aura of mystery, something almost spiritual. That’s why they were worn as amulets and talismans. Up to the present day, gemstones have sometimes been used as remedies against illnesses. They could be used in three different ways: the mere presence of a stone was sufficient to effect a cure the gem was placed on the afficited part of the body, or the stone was powdered and eaten. Presently, medical science is experiencing worldwide a revival of the ideas of the middle ages in the use of precious stones through the doctrines of the Esoterics.
Rough gem material can be found in many different countrys here is a list of the many and wide verity in countrys.
Canada has Amethyst Ammolite Garnet labredorite sodalite jade. the west indies there is coral. The U.S.A has aquamarine chaceony emerald feldspar garnet nphrite peridot quartz  ruby sapphire spodumene topaz tourmaline turquoise. In Mexico agate feldspar fre opal quaertztpaz turquoise Guatemala Jadeite. Green land nuummite. Great Britain Florite poland Amber. Spain aventurine Gagate Quartz. Finland Spectrolite Norway thulite. Colombia emerald, Venezuela Diamond Jasper peals Guyana Diamond Chille Lapis Lazuli Argentina Rhodochrosite. Brazil Agate Amazonite Chalcedon Diamond Emerald Ganet Opal precious Beryl Quartz Sodaite Spodumene Topaz Tourmaline. Ghana Diamond. Nigeria Aquamarine Sapphire pinel Tourmaline. Zaire Diamond. Angola Diamond. Zabia Chrysoberyl Emerald Malachte. Namibi Aquamarine Diamond Topaz Tourmaline. Botswana Damond. Zimbabwe Aquamarine Chrysoberyl Emerald Garnet Topaz Tourmline Verdite. South Africa Diamond Emerald Garnet PeridotPrecious Beryl Qurtz Rhodochrosite Ruby Tourmaline Verdite. Egypt Peridot. Madgascar Agate Aquamae Chrysoeryl Feldspar Garnet Pecious Beryl Quartz Spodumene Topaz Tourmaline. Mozambique Smoky Quartz Tormaline. Pakistan Aquamarine Emerald Garnet Ruby Spinel Topaz. Afghanistan Aquamarine Lapis Lzuli Ruby Spinel topaz. Iran Turquoise. Kenya Amethyst Aquamarine Garnet Ruby Sapphire Tourmaline. Tanzania Aquamarine Chrysoberyl Diamond Emerald Garnet Ruby Sapphie Tanznite Tourmaline. Russia Alexandrite Ambe Charoite Diamond Emerald Fieldspar Garnet Lapis Lazuli Malachite Nephrite Precious Beryl Quartz Rhodonite Topaz Tourmaline. Sri Lanka Amethyst Chrysoberyl Garnet Moonstone Ruby Sapphire spinel Topaz Tourmaline Zircon. India Aquamarine Chlcedony Chrysoberyl Diamond Diopside Emerald Garnet Jaspar Moonstone Perals Quartz Rhodonite Ruby Sapphire sodalite. Thailand Garnet Ruby Sapphire Zircon. Burma Amber Chrysoberyl Jadeite Moonstone Pridot Rock crystal Ruby Saphire Spinel Spodumene Topaz Tourmaline Zircon. Japan Coral Jadeite Perals Quartz Rhodonite Topaz. China Amber Amethyst Aquamarine Diamond Nephrite perals Peridot Ruby Sapphire Turquoise. Indonesia Diamond. New Zealand Nephrite. Australia Chrysoprase Coral Diamond Emerald Jasper Nephrite Opal Perals Sapphire.This is only a small sample of what is realy out there but this is a place to start. when you are looking for a stone on this web site It will be listed for you

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